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Company Information

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HEIGHTS was established in 1974 as an engineering design company and, in the years following, success came in manufacturing a wide range of innovative equipment, primarily in the graphic arts market.

By the mid-nineties HEIGHTS had become an internationally recognised supplier of premium quality graphic arts equipment, and in 1999 was acquired by Global Graphics SA, returning to private ownership in 2002 when it was re-acquired by its previous owners and founders.

With manufacturing operations in the UK  and the USA, HEIGHTS continues to be recognised as a world-leading supplier of graphic arts products, and is dedicated to providing innovative equipment which meets the ever-changing requirements of this marketplace.

Many printing plate and chemistry manufacturers recognise the engineering excellence, durability and longevity of HEIGHTS equipment by marketing it under their own brand. Similarly, other customers purchasing HEIGHTS branded equipment do so because of the added value and competitive edge it brings.

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